Infant Program

Based on the state of CA's regulations, an infant is a child under two years old. We accept infants of all ages including new-borns. Our infants are provided with quality individual guidance and a social, group setting to assist them in the constant stages of growth and development they will encounter.  As we all know infants tend to be on their own schedule, therefore, we adapt to the needs of your baby based on their bodies sleeping and feeding habits. We help them develop and enhance their motor skills and expose them to constant communication through talking, reading, hand gestures, and singing. When physically able, our infants are encouraged to join the older children (toddlers) in their day to day schedule and are provided with the age appropriate supplies so they are able to participate in group and hands-on activities with the older children. They will participate in our story time, music sessions, and many other stimulating activities we provide for your little ones.


When your infant is enrolled with us all you provide is diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, and breast milk/formula if necessary and any comfort object your baby may use (if needed). We provide all meals, curriculum, equipment, and all other supplies.


Toddler Program

Based on the state of CA's regulations, a toddler is considered to be from the ages of 2-5 years old. Our toddler program offers an appropriate schedule and curriculum that suits the basic and daily needs of the children. We offer plenty of age appropriate toys, lessons, and books while incorporating basic Spanish, arts and craft activities, music sessions, computer sessions, sensory play, role playing, building activities, physical activities (sports, exercises) and much more. Here at Angels from Heaven we encourage the use of manners and kindness, and show them how to react to situations they encounter on a daily basis in a positive way through the sharing of toys, using their words, communication with teachers, etc. Every child develops at their own pace, and has their own unique personality therefore, you can be comfortable knowing that your child is going to receive the proper individual attention, guidance and respect to help mold them into the best individual that they can be.


When your toddler is enrolled at Angels from Heaven all you provide is diapers, wipes, if necessary, and extra changes of clothes. We provide all meals, curriculum, and curriculum supplies and equipment. 



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