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Our Staff

Our staff consists of two certified and qualified experienced full-time providers and two certified and qualified on-call providers.  
We are licensed for 14 children, based on state requirements, we are able to have a minimum of 2 providers for all 14 children. At AFH we want to provide the utmost safest and quality care.
Once AFH has reached a capacity of 12-14 children, a third qualified provider will be available full time, giving us that extra pair of eyes and hands. 

Provider #1 (Armida)


Armida is a warm, funny, loving person with a big heart. She is a licensee here at AFH and has been caring for children for many years. She gives the children a comfortble "grandma feel" that the children adore. She has raised four children of her own (including Paulina) and has provided care for friends and the community which makes her greatly experienced in caring for children of all ages. Armida is usually in charge of home-cooking delicious and nutritious meals for the children. and also assists in the daily routines and activities.

  Provider #2 (Paulina)


Paulina is a fun, energetic, and outgoing young woman who is also a licensee at AFH. She has worked with children of all ages with us and other child care facilities. She leads and guides the children in their daily activities and is not afraid to get dirty with the children. She also provides them with a great example of how to behave and treat others in a positive, kind way. 

       On-call Providers


All of our on-call providers are family as well and look forward to coming in and helping

out when needed. They have experience with children and have wonderful personalities which fit in with our values here at Angels From Heaven. ALL staff is CPR and first aid certified as well as background checked and TB tested as required by the State of California.

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